Thursday 12 May 2016

Fragile Heart reverse canvas using Decoart products

Hi, crafty friends!
I hope you are all safe and well and have a wonderful crafty time!
I am here today to share with you my very first project for the Decoart Blogger Outreach Program.

First, I would like to thank the Decoart for accepting me and for sending me their amazing products for me to play with! A dream come true!

Here is what I came up with.

These are supplies Decoart sent me but I haven't used them all in creating this project since I have changed my initial plan. I am going to use them for sure in my next projects because they are fantastic!

I started with my reverse canvas and my Decoart Media Black Gesso. I applied one coat of gesso on my edges.

I used a piece of gauze and glued it down onto the canvas edges. Then I made a hole in the middle using my scissors. 

I used my Decoart Americana Fabric Stiffener with the piece of gauze to create some random shapes. I love how this turned out. It was very easy to work with the Stiffener.

When it dried, I used some of my Decoart Media misters (Carbon black, Shimmer Turquoise, Yellow green) to color the gauze.

This is the result of applying the first layer of spraying. The colors were very intensive which I liked.

The final result of spraying looked like this.

I used a piece of chipboard with my Spellbinders embossing folder to create some industrial texture. I wanted to create a patina effect on there so I used my  Carbon Black Decoart Media mister to apply on the chipboard as a base.

I mixed my Decoart Media Payne's Gray and Decoart Media Titan Buff fluid acrylics to achieve some medium gray color.

This is the result of applying the mixture of those two paints.

I used my Quinacridone Gold Decoart Media Fluid Acrylic paint on top. Then I applied a coat of the Decoart Ultra Matte Varnish to achieve a matte look.

I used my Patina Antiquing Cream on top. When it was dry, I wiped off some of the cream using my cloth.

This is the result of using the Antiquing cream. I put that chipboard piece inside of my reverse canvas.

I decided to create some stempunk rusted/patina heart so I used a styrofoam heart I had in my stash. I cut out a piece of the heart using my craft knife and attached some brads on the borders.

I used the Decoart Media Texture Sand paste randomly on my wooden cogs and gears to create some texture imitating the rusted surface. It's an Andy Skinner's technique that I used.

Then I applied a coat of the mixture of Decoart Media Payne's Grey and Titan Buff fluid acrylic pants on top.

To achieve the rust/patina effect I used my Decoart Media Quinacridone Gold and my Decoart Media Patina and Burnt Umber Antiquing Creams but I didn't wipe them off this time. I just applied those Antiquing creams randomly on my cogs and gears. Then I applied my Decoart Media Ultra Matte Varnish on top.

I put a coat of Decoart Media Black Gesso on my styrofoam heart. 

To create some texture, I used my Decoart Media Texture Sand Paste randomly on top of the raised part of the heart.

I decided to use my Decoart Metallic Lustre in Silver Spark on top of the gessoed heart using my finger.

This is the result after applying a wash of Decoart Media Quinacridone Gold fluid acrylic on top. I wanted to achieve a kind of a rusted effect and I like how it turned out.

To finish the heart I used my Decoart Media White Antiquing cream on top of the raised part of the heart and slightly wiped off the cream randomly using my damp cloth.

I had some metal corners that I got from a hardware store some time ago and I decided to used them on my piece. So I started to achieve a rust metal effect on there. I attached my brads and used my Decoart Media Texture Sand Paste, my Decoart Media Black Gesso and my Decoart Media Quinacridone Gold Fluid acrylic paint randomly.

Next are some more photos and close ups.
I glued down my previously treated cogs and gears, added some of my metal gears (treated in the same way as my wooden ones) and I added a small light bulb I had in my stash. I used a pice of my leftovers from the piece of cardboard and I wrote down the word Fragile using my fine tip applicator and my Brass acrylic paint. 

I decided to achieve a more darker look of my the inside part of my canvas so I used my Media Mister in Carbon black and sprayed the whole thing.

This is a close up photo of the border.

I was very pleased with the result of my rusted corners.

You can see here how the rust/patina effect turned out on my cogs and gears.

I love to use some rust/patina effects in my projects and it was so easy to achieve it using these fabulous Decoart products.

I hope you like my Fragile Heart project and I hope I have inspired you to use those amazing and easy to use products from the amazing Decoart!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments! I read and appreciate each and every one of them!

Hugs! Branka xx



  1. Alright Sweetheart! You have totally got me going ga-ga! over this amazing transformation! I'm literally speechless, and almost sprayed my coffee all over my laptop! You have totally used those amazing products in a unbelievable way to create texture and the MOST amazing rust effects--maybe I should say BELIEVABLE, because those cogs and elbows looks like they've been living in my garage for years! (That's a good, authentic rust maker there--we have terrible moisture problems in there and nothing is free from rust--even the plastic; if it's in our garage it's gonna rust!)

    I keep scrolling up and down,looking at each of your close ups and squealing with rusty and grungy loving delight! Wow, Branka, you hit this one out of the ballpark for a huge crafty home run! Bravo, much applause and yippee! Lots of love and hugs!

    1. Awwww, what a wonderful comment! Thank you soooooo much, my lovely Sara! You put a big smile on my face and made my day! I am so glad you like this project since you are a master of the grunge style!
      Big hugs and lots of love! B xx

  2. PS, I think you need to do this style more often! You are a natural!

    1. I agree with Sara! You totally nailed this Steampunk/Industrial styles and I need to see what you think of next.

  3. wow all the work you have put into your creation has turned out stunning
    thanks for joining our challenge over at
    Debbie Dt

  4. Wowza! This is superb! Branka. Love every last little detail. A real creative masterpiece . You rocked those deco art products!
    Gonna have to scroll back up to see over and over ... I may be here a while lol .

    1. Oh, thank you so much, Amanda! Those are very kind words! I am happy you like it! Big hugs! xx

  5. Fantastic industrial grunge, Branka - brilliant to see that DecoArt have got you on board and I'm looking forward to seeing what else you create with all those goodies!
    Alison x

    1. Thank you so much, Alison for such a lovely comment! Hugs! xx

  6. Your excitement is so contagious, I can't help but smile knowing how happy you are to be a part of this program! I just picked up my first DecoArts product and love it more than the Golden version! That's a big WOW! Your collage is AMAZING! I totally love the hints of green and all of the gorgeous rusty details. Such a fantastic piece, Branka! Well done! <3

  7. Fabulous, fantastic, wonderful - I could go on and on. I love the concept and your execution is spot on with all the texture and grunge. I don't have any of the DecoArt media line but that is about to change when I go to visit a friend in the US shortly and she takes me shopping.

  8. Oh my goodness, Branka, this is spectacular!! Wow!! DecoArt is so lucky to have you showcase their products!! You do it perfectly!! Every single detail of this is amazing!! I'm bookmarking so I can come back and study how you did everything!! I am completely blown away!! Love, love it!! Wow!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. amazing piece Branka - absolutely fabulous and the steps are amazing - great detail lovely lady! Thankyou! Hugs rachel x

  10. Oh, be still my beating heart!!! Branka, this is totally, unbelievably, wonderusly stunning!! You have used the DecoArt products in the most fantastic way. The rusty cogs are amazing and I just love how you transformed the heart, it is beautiful.... Love how you used the fabric stiffener (didn't know they did that!), it works brilliantly in your background. I cannot find the words to tell you just how much I love this, but please put it up on your wall so that it can be seen - it really deserves to be seen! Bog hugs my very talented friend! Anne xxx

  11. Wow wow wow Branka, a breathtaking project. Absolutely stunning. Can't wait to see what you do next with your Decoart goodies.
    Julie x

  12. This is just fabulous are so inspirational.
    Love that you have shared another stunning project in our May Challenge over at Rhedd's Creative Spirit...Thank you ...x

  13. Hi Branka...I am back again,this time for Altered,love this project...great entry for our challenge....x

  14. WOw Branka, ever since I saw your thumbnail on Instagram, I've been dying to get over here and see this in all it's amazing steampinkish glory!!! I am completely blown away by how you did that heart...not just the end result, but the process as well! I am making so many notes for future inspiration and reference! Bookmarked this page for sure my friend! Everything about this is fantastic, the eroded textures are so realistic and I love your frame with the drooping cheesecloth bits!! You have really show DecoArt how an artist uses their products!! Congrats and way to go my friend! hugs and happy weekend :)

  15. Great work, Branka! Love the wonderful and flawless execution! I do a lot of reverse canvases and am always delighted to find new inspiration and techniques! Thanks so much for sharing your process and your project with us at Altered Eclectics!

  16. This is brilliant Branka! I love it. so inspiring... I'm itching to get my hands on a Styrofoam heart now! Thank you for entering your project at Rhedd’s Creative Spirit. Sammy-x

  17. OMG! This is so stunning, Branka!
    You really made such brilliant use of all the fab DecoArt products and your substrate! I know that styrofoam isn't easy to use - but it adds such a great effect to your fantastic and imaginative project! And there is so much awesome detail to discover! Absolutely gobsmacking! Love it!

    Thank you for sharing it with us at SanDee&amelie's Steampunk Challenges!

    Claudia x

  18. Drooling over here and in awe dearie! This design and that heart are amazeballs and so very AWESOME SAUCE! I absolutely adore what you created here. And the styrofoam heart is genius, and so not easy to cut without it falling apart. That in itself is fantabulous! The rusty bits look so yummyliscious and delightful! Wowzers and holy pepperoni B! You go from bright and bold to grunge and Steampunk, is there anything you can't do? Lol! Hugz to you muffin! And thanks so much for joining us at SanDee&Amelie's Steampunk challenge! :)

  19. A fantastic project and an amazing piece of art you've created. The rust effect is stunningly real and your textures are fabulous. Congratulations on your post to the Decoart Outreach Program, I can see it's well deserved.
    Thank you for joining in with the May challenge "Anything Goes" at Creative Artiste Mixed Media and good luck x

  20. This is just awesome, great job. The heart has some pretty good exterior detail. The concept of the gears inside the heart is just perfect. Thank you for sharing your creation with us at Eclectic Ellapu and good luck in the challenge.

  21. It was so cool watching this project unfold! You always use the coolest textures. Love love love the finished product. Congrats on the DT gig! They are lucky to have a talent like yours!

  22. Wow, it is stunning Branka, so much work and techniques on it! How gorgeous is it to have a DecoArt parcel on your door ? Have you sent the email to McKenzie?;-)

    1. Thank you so much, Gio! So thrilled to see you here! Ooo, yes, I sent her the email :) Hugs! xx

  23. This is just so so wow! Branka, this is just awesome...I love what you did to the Styrofoam heart and those cogs looks super rusty and yummy! Great use of the products and totally agree with you that they are just too good.Thanks for sharing this with us at Rhedd's Creative Spirit this month. Good luck, Rupa (DT).

  24. Congrats on your Top 5 win at SanDee&Amelie's Steampunk Challenge B! This needs to come to my house and live with me. Hehe! Hugz to you muffin!

  25. Branka, congratulations on your top 5 pick at S&ASPC--this is so incredibly worthy! I'm doing a happy dance for you! (sorry!) Hugs! It must not go to Punkin' without a stop over in Wilmington!

  26. Wow! The heart and gears are awesome. Who would have ever thought of using Styrofoam. Thanks for all the pictures as it really helps "newbies" like me.


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